keygenPrinter-Reset-Tool-Program Canon G1000 G2000 G3000 G1010 G2010 G3010 canon st5204+keygen

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Printer-Reset-Tool-Program Canon G1000 G2000 G3000 G1010 G2010 G3010 canon st5204+keygen

Link download :canon st5204


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Step 1: Go to Service Mode

You must set the printer to the Service Mode before using the reset tool program.


  1. Power off but not unplug the printer.
  2. Hold the Resume button and press the Power button.
  3. Keep holding the Power button and release the Resume button.
  4. Press the Resume button 5 times and then release the Power button.


  1. Once you see the two lights stop blinking, your printer has already gone to Service Mode.

Step 2: Use the Reset Tool Program

  1. Run file “servicetool.exe” canon st5204


  1. Press “Main” button, then press “EEPROM Clear”, press “OK” button when the chatbox appears


  1. Next, turn off the printer and then turn it on. (Sometimes you have to turn off the printer twice)

Link download Reset Epson 802A Program : reset 802A

Reset EPSON Program Adjustment Program Reset L130-L220-L310-L360-L365 : download

Reset Epson Program EP-802A L130-L220-L310-L360-L365

MX470 series
MX490 series
MB2000 series
MG5100 Series
MG5200 Series
MG5500 series
MG5600 series
MG5700 series
G1000, G1100, G1400, G1900
G2000, G2100, G2010, G2400, G2900
G3000, G3100, G3400, G3900

– During printing, when completed one printing job, the printhead will automatically clean to “smooth the printing head”, as well as making the printhead to provided sufficient amount of ink to the printer to make the most beautiful and sharpest prints.
– During head cleaning cycle it dispels ink from its nozzles and tubes down a waste pipe into an absorbent pad, these pad are contained in a tray (under printhead) which is called Ink Absorber, also known as the waste ink tray. The waste ink tray has its sponge to saturate the ink pad, which prevent the waste ink from flowing out to other parts of the printer, avoid soiling the machine or electronic circuit fire.

– If you print a lot, the amount of waste ink under the printhead will be filled over time, when the waste ink tray is full, we must replace new Ink Absorber, if not, the Printer will not print and there will be a 2 red lights flashing alternately error==> the main reasons is here.
– According to the manufacturer’s capacity, Ink Absorber is big or small -> this decides the number of prints more or less. Usually, if printed text (5% ink coverage), the machine will print 3,000 -> 4,000 pages (printhead cleaning a few times), and if prints (ink coverage of 20% – 40%), the machine only prints 600 -> 1,600 pages (printhead cleaning several times) is filled with the waste ink tray.

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